Presence Country
March 2014
Key Messages
  • From March to June, food security outcomes are anticipated to be Minimal (IPC Phase 1) for most parts of the country. Poor rural households, whose food stocks will be exhausted by April, are likely to procure new food stocks through normal seasonal income sources.

  • Food security outcomes for the West-Central Highlands are expected to be Stressed (IPC Phase 2!) from March to June with minimal food needs covered by external assistance. These households will not be able to rely on normal seasonal income from livestock sales due to distress sales last year, nor income from other normal seasonal activities as earnings from agricultural labor will not materialize until late May.

  • During winter when income opportunities decrease to their minimum, households displaced between January and March are now in Crisis (IPC Phase 3) as external assistance only covers the short-term. However, when normal daily labor opportunities resume in the spring, food security outcomes are likely to improve to Stressed (IPC Phase 2) beginning in April.


Livelihoods Zone Narrative

Livelihood Zone Map