East Africa

April 2015
Key Messages
  • Food security is expected to deteriorate to Emergency (IPC Phase 4) in several counties in the Greater upper Nile States of South Sudan by April, particularly in areas where insecurity continues to limit the delivery of humanitarian assistance.

  • A late start of rains in Uganda, bimodal areas of northern Tanzania, Belg cropping areas in Ethiopia, parts of Kenya, and a likely late start in other areas of the eastern Horn of Africa have led to delays in land preparation and planting and in delays to the recovery of rangeland resources. This is prolonging pastoral lean seasons in some areas and delaying the expected increase in agricultural labor demand.

  • As lean seasons start by April or May, food insecurity is likely to deepen for many households and additional households are likely to become food insecure in conflict-affected areas in Sudan, in marginal, Belg-producing agricultural areas in Oromia, Tigray, and Amhara Regions in Ethiopia, agropastoral and riverine areas in southern Somalia, in unimodal Karamoja region in Uganda, in bimodal northern Tanzania, and in many areas of South Sudan. 

  • Mostly near-average Season A harvests from December to February in Rwanda and Burundi have helped stabilize food prices and increased household food access from both own production and markets. However, some areas will see deteriorating food security during the April to May minor lean season, moving into Stressed (IPC Phase 2).


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