Remotely Monitored Country
June 2015
Key Messages
  • Election-related civil unrest continues to drive large-scale population outflow from Burundi. As of the end of June, nearly 144,000 people have fled Burundi to neighboring countries. Humanitarian agencies project the Burundian refugee population will reach 250,000 by September.

  • Season B harvests are underway country-wide and production on the national level is expected to be average due to normal to above-normal February to May rainfall. Insecurity and displacement, in Kirundo, Muyinga, and Ngozi provinces in the north and northeast of the country will likely disrupt harvests in these areas.  

  • Staple food prices either declined or remained stable in most markets in June due to increased food availability and supply from Season B harvests.  However, prices remain much higher than the five-year average.

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