Remotely Monitored Country
March 2015
Key Messages
  • Season A harvests are complete, improving food availability and access for poor households.  National production is estimated to be near average, and 15 to 20 percent higher than last year.  Staple food prices stabilized in almost all reported markets. Most households in the country will remain in Minimal (IPC Phase 1) acute food insecurity through June.  

  • Prices of the main staple commodities either declined or remained stable in February.  Primary staple commodities declined between 1 and 6 percent in major markets across the country. However, most staple food prices remain roughly 25 percent above the five-year average, particularly in Bujumbura, Ruyigi, Myinga, and Gitega markets.

  • As the lean season progresses, prices are expected to increase while households’ food stocks and purchasing power decline. As a result, acute food security for the poor is expected to deteriorate to Stressed (IPC Phase 2) starting in April, until the beginning of Season B harvest in June. 

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