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August 2015
Key Messages
  • With far below average rainfall both during the March to May Diraac/Sugum and during the July to July to September Karan/Karma rains thus far, incredibly dry conditions have led to poor livestock body conditions and very low livestock production in most of Afar and Sitti (formerly Shinile) Zone in northern Somali Region. Unusual livestock deaths and unseasonal livestock migration continue. 

  • In southern Afar and Sitti Zone in Somali Region, households’ are getting almost no food or income from their livestock. Livestock prices and demand have fallen considerably. Already dry conditions will be exacerbated by the start of the dry season in September/October. With continued high cereal prices, low livestock prices, and no expected increase in other income sources, poor households will be unable to purchase sufficient quantities of food and have food consumption gaps. Acute malnutrition prevalence is likely to increase. These areas will remain in Crisis (IPC Phase 3!) but only with the continued presence of humanitarian assistance through December and into 2016. 

  • There was very little rain during the first three weeks of July, and despite some rain in late July, cumulative June to September Kiremt rainfall thus far has been well below average in most eastern, central, and southern crop-producing areas. As a result of low rainfall, below-average Meher production is anticipated in these areas.

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