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March 2014
Key Messages
  • A two to three week late start to the February to May Belg rains delayed land preparation and planting in eastern Amhara. Delays to labor income will reduce food access as these areas enter the April to June lean season and move into Crisis (IPC Phase 3).

  • Delays to the Sugum/Diraac rains in Afar and northern Somali have delayed the recovery of forage and water availability and related improvements in livestock body conditions. Most of these areas remain Stressed (IPC Phase 2). In northeastern Afar, even lower herd sizes have led to Crisis (IPC Phase 3).

  • Due to normal supply, staple food prices have remained stable in most highland markets since January 2014. The national consumer food price index slightly declined from an annualized rate of 5.1 percent in January to 4.7 percent in February. Household food access from markets remains stable for many households.

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