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July 2014 to December 2014
Key Messages
  • As of July 2014, an estimated 5.3 million people in Sudan face Stressed (IPC Phase 2), Crisis (IPC Phase 3) or Emergency (IPC Phase 4) acute food insecurity. Ongoing conflict in Darfur, South Kordofan, Blue Nile, and West Kordofan, have disrupted livelihoods and reduced household food access, especially for internally displaced persons (IDPs). The persistent rise of staple food prices has reduced household capacity to meet minimum food requirements during the peak of the lean season when households are the most market dependent. 

  • Cumulative rainfall was near average over most parts of Sudan in July, except in some parts of North, West and South Darfur states. Seed shortages and increased costs of agricultural inputs, in addition to ongoing civil insecurity in Darfur, are expected to reduce the overall area planted in these areas. 

  • Staple food prices remained at record-high levels in markets across Sudan in June. Sorghum prices were on average, 80 percent above last year and 120 percent higher than the June five-year average. Millet prices in June were 95 percent higher than last year and 150 percent above the five-year average. Seasonal decline in cereal prices is expected during the October to December harvest period, although it is unlikely that prices will stabilize to normal levels in the coming months.  

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