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October 2015 to March 2016


Key Messages
  • Driven by protracted conflict in Darfur, South Kordofan, and Blue Nile States, many internally displaced persons (IDPs) and host communities remain acutely food insecure. The largest concentration of food insecure people is in Darfur, and there are a significant number of food insecure people in South Kordofan. 

  • The June to September main rainy season started a month late. Rainfall was between 25 and 120 percent of average. Consequently, planted area was lower than normal. Many crops were planted late and may not have enough time with sufficient soil moisture to reach maturity. There are high chances of crop failure in parts of Kassala, Gadaref, North Kordofan, North Darfur, East Darfur, and Sinnar States.

  • From April to September, 23,000 people were displaced from Giessen, Bau, and Tadamon Localities to government-controlled areas, primarily in Damazin, Roseries, and Bau Localities. The recently displaced have very little access to food due to their highly limited incomes. Many have already reduced their food consumption.

  • Due to below-average rainfall, there is currently less pasture than usual in wet-season grazing areas. Consequently, livestock have been migrated earlier to the southern croplands. This is likely to lead to more resource-based conflict between farmers and cattle herders and between cattle herders over access to grazing.

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