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October 2014 to March 2015
Key Messages
  • Harvests in October improved food availability and access as well as income and purchasing power of poor households. Increased supplies of cereals to markets have put downward pressure on prices, although sorghum and millet prices remain well-above average. Insecurity and displacement limited improvements in food security in Darfur and South Kordofan, where acute food insecurity persists.

  • An estimated 3.5 million people in Sudan face Stressed (IPC Phase 2!) and Crisis (IPC Phase 3) acute food insecurity. This represents a reduction in the size of the food insecure population by roughly one third since the peak of the lean season in September.

  • Above-average 2014/15 harvests are expected across most of Sudan. Favorable rainfall performance, increased access to credit and high prices this year encouraged farmers to expand area planted. Especially in central and eastern surplus producing areas, area planted for sorghum crops increased by up to 20 percent. Above-average production will continue to improve consumption and ease food insecurity through the first quarter of next year.

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