Request for Proposals

Haiti | Due: 05/05/17

To establish a more efficient, reliable, and consistent/harmonized price data transmission system, FEWS NET intends to develop a mobile data transmission system for use in countries where the project is involved in primary price data collection. The activities carried out throughout this subcontract will be divided into three phases:

  • Phase 1 Start-Up: The mobile data transmission system will be developed.
  • Phase 2 Haiti Implementation: The mobile data transmission system will be piloted in Haiti, where enumerators and data reviewers are trained in person. Enumerators will be trained in Haitian Creole and data reviewers will be trained in French.
  • Phase 3 Technical support and review: The pilot activity in Haiti will be reviewed by FEWS NET and recommendations for expansion will be presented by the winning firm through a brief report.
  • Optional Phase 4 Expansion: The system shall be expanded to three additional countries: Nigeria, Chad, and Mauritania.
Nigeria and/or Yemen | Due: 05/05/17

Chemonics, the Buyer, acting on behalf of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Famine Early Warning Systems Network III (FEWS NET) project contract number AID-OAA-TO-16-00015 is soliciting offers from companies and organizations to submit proposals to participate with FEWS NET to carry out food security data collection in northeast Nigeria and/or Yemen.

In Nigeria, continuing Boko Haram conflict has had a significant impact on food security, particularly in the northeast, limiting FEWS NET’s physical access to the region. In Yemen, conflict has caused substantial loss of life and displacement and has substantially disrupted trade, local livelihoods, humanitarian assistance, and food security monitoring. As the impact of conflict on food security continues to increase in these countries, FEWS NET has been assessing different ways to expand on collection of timely, pertinent information in order to assess the food security situation.

In order to increase the quality of information FEWS NET has access to in both Nigeria and Yemen, FEWS NET plans to contract research firm(s) with experience in Nigeria and/or Yemen to gather additional, timely information on markets and trade, livelihoods, and food security. The results of this analysis will serve as an important input to FEWS NET’s analysis of current and projected acute food security outcomes.


La Red de Sistemas de Alerta Temprana contra la Hambruna es un proveedor de primera línea de alertas tempranas y análisis sobre la inseguridad alimentaria. Creada por la USAID en 1985 con el fin de ayudar a los responsables de tomar decisiones a prever crisis humanitarias, FEWS NET proporciona análisis asentados en evidencia sobre unos 35 países. Entre los integrantes del equipo ejecutor figuran la NASA, NOAA, USDA y el USGS, así como Chemonics International Inc. y Kimetrica. Lea más sobre nuestro trabajo.

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