Remotely Monitored Country
January 2015
Key Messages
  • As the lean season peaks in January-February, high retail prices for imported maize and limited incomes are constraining poor households’ ability to adequately meet livelihood needs. Poor rural households across the country will remain Stressed (IPC Phase 2), between January and February. 

  • Stable food prices, ongoing safety nets programming, income opportunities associated with agriculture, the start of green consumption and main harvest are all expected to contribute to sufficient household food access, resulting in Minimal (IPC Phase 1) food insecurity outcomes from March to June.

  • Cumulative rainfall amounts for this season have improved compared to last season and crop conditions are fair to good across the country, at the vegetative stage. Although there are increased chances of normal to below-normal rainfall expected for the January to March period, harvest prospects are expected to be better than last year (104,000 MT), but will likely be below the five-year average (127,000 MT). 

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