Remotely Monitored Country
October 2014
Key Messages
  • Below average incomes, high food prices, low coverage of ongoing safety nets, and the start of green consumption in February or March are expected to be inadequate to cover all the food and livelihood protection requirements, resulting in Stressed (IPC Phase 2) food insecurity outcomes.

  • The Lesotho Meteorological Services predicts a below-normal start of season, with a 40-60 percent chance of start of rainfall between October 11-20. The rest of the season November to March is expected to have a higher chance of normal to above normal. This will reduce labor opportunities associated with start of season, but seasonal progress will present favorable conditions for crop growth and maturity.

  • The ongoing safety nets target to reach 340,000 people in 2015, however the current 57 percent funding shortfall will limiting the impact of the interventions on household access to food. Agriculture support to 18,500 households by FAO is expected to improve access to livelihood needs for targeted households. While these forms of assistance improve access, their coverage and funding levels are inadequate to meet the needs of the 447,760 people at risk of food insecurity for the 2014/15 consumption year.

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