Remotely Monitored Country
June 2014
Key Messages
  • Household own stocks from own production, stable food prices, and normal access to income will contribute to households accessing adequate food sources through typical sources, resulting in Minimal acute food insecurity outcomes (IPC phase 1) throughout the country.

  • The crop production estimates of 103,526 MT and opening stocks of 61,008 MT, providing the country with 47 percent of its cereal needs for the 2013/14 consumption period. The country will require imports of around 187,000 MT to meet the rest of its needs, which is below the typical average of around 214,000 MT covered by commercial imports.

  • The ongoing safety net programming through school feeding and nutrition interventions by WFP are expected to further improve food access and diet for 226,000 people targeted for the projected period further, strengthening food security with projected food insecurity outcomes expected to remain Minimal (IPC Phase 1) through September.

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