Remotely Monitored Country
August 2014
Key Messages
  • Most rural households in the country are currently facing Minimal acute food insecurity outcomes (IPC Phase 1), meeting their basic food needs through purchases at adequately stocked markets and through own-produced foods. 

  • Staple food prices have started to increase in line with seasonal trends. This trend is likely to reduce the purchasing power of poor, market-dependent households, particularly between October and December. Combined with poor production and reduced income opportunities, this will likely result in poor households facing Stressed (IPC Phase 2) acute food insecurity outcomes during that period. 

  •  Ongoing government and partner safety-net programs are also contributing to adequate food access for the chronically food-insecure households. Safety-net programs are currently benefiting 226,000 people.

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Dekad 2 (11th - 20th)
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