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March 2015
Key Messages
  • Households benefiting from humanitarian assistance due to production shortfalls in the previous season will face Minimal (IPC Phase 1!) food security outcomes in the presence of humanitarian assistance up to April. The humanitarian assistance program has been extended to April in response to the prolonged lean period caused by the delayed start of season, which has delayed green consumption and harvests.

  • A Malawi Vulnerability Assessment Committee rapid food security assessment in February has identified about 620,000 people in 17 districts across the country that will face acute food security outcomes from March to July and possibly the entire 2015/2016 consumption season due to heavy rains and flooding negatively affecting people’s livelihoods.

  • The highly productive northern and central regions of the country have experienced 20 days of below-average rainfall and these areas are currently facing a prolonged dry spell. The dry conditions are threatening crop maturity, at a critical stage when maize crops need moisture in order to mature.

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