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June 2015
Key Messages
  • In June, Stressed (IPC Phase 2!) food security outcomes persist, in the presence of assistance, in parts of the southern and central region, while Minimal (IPC Phase 1) outcomes continue in the traditionally surplus-producing north. Between July and September, some households will be in Crisis (IPC Phase 3) in parts of the south because of projected food deficits due to limited livelihood opportunities, above average maize prices, and below-average household production for the 2014/15 harvest. 

  • Staple food prices across the country remain around 10 percent above last year’s prices and nearly 50 percent above the five-year average. This price trend is atypical since immediately following the harvests prices are usually at their lowest. Higher prices are limiting food access for households in the southern and central regions that are relying mainly on market purchases because they did not harvest anything or very little this season. 

  • Informal cross border maize imports have remained lower than the five-year average due to a weaker Malawi Kwacha against the currencies of neighboring countries. However, month-on-month trends for May show that imports have increased since April and are higher than the same period last year. Maize exports from Malawi to neighboring countries, especially Tanzania, have almost dropped to zero.

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