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June 2014
Key Messages
  • Favorable food availability conditions exist across much of the country and access continues to improve as prices decline and food supplies reach local markets.

  • Acute food insecurity is currently Minimal (IPC Phase 1) across all wealth groups as households consume their own produced harvests. The Malawi Kwacha is stable and this is one of many factors that have contributed to a 13 percent reduction in national average maize prices between April and May.

  • During the 2013/14 planting season two livelihood zones experienced prolonged dryness and and early cessation of rains, resulting in production shortfalls in localized areas. Reduced production has lead to lower labor and income opportunities in Central Karonga and Middle Shire. Acute food insecurity in these livelihood zones will be Stressed (IPC Phase 2) in June. Food security conditions are likely to deteriorate further and will result in Crisis (IPC Phase 3) between July and September.

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