Burkina Faso

Presence Country
February 2015
Key Messages
  • An earlier-than-normal exhaustion of food stocks and a near-total lack of forage for livestock are forcing many poor households in the far northern areas of the country (livelihood zone 8) to intensify their short-term seasonal labor migration and gold mining activities much more than usual as a source of income generation. There are earlier and larger than usual herd movements of transhumant livestock to seasonal grazing areas.

  • Poor households in the communes of Nassoumbou, Koutougou, and Tin-Akoff are already experiencing Stressed (IPC Phase 2) food insecurity outcomes and prices for staple cereals and animal feed are especially high. Household income levels, based primarily on the sale of livestock, are below the five-year average due to the atypically low animal prices.

  • In the rest of the country, staple food supply, particularly for cereals, is above average on most markets and there is weak household demand. On the whole, this is keeping prices for these commodities close to the five-year average.


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