Burkina Faso

Presence Country
March 2014
Key Messages
  • Food access for poor households in the northern part of the country will deteriorate over the next few months with the earlier than usual depletion of their food stocks, the rising prices of staple foods, and the falling prices for livestock. These agropastoral households will face Stressed levels of acute food insecurity (IPC Phase 2) by the beginning of April.

  • Particularly in the country’s northern agropastoral zone, livestock prices are down compared to last year and terms of trade for livestock-cereals are weaker than usual. This comes at a time when livestock sales are becoming the main recourse for poor households.

  • Poor households in most parts of the country are increasingly market-dependent, though they are still generally maintaining a normal diet owing to an adequate market supply of staple foods. Even households in deficit areas of the Sahelian region and its vicinity experienced Minimal acute food insecurity (Phase 1, IPC 2.0) through the end of March.


Livelihoods Zone Narrative

Livelihood Zone Map