Burkina Faso

Presence Country
December 2014
Key Messages
  • In the extreme north of the country, particularly the communes of Tin-Akoff, Nassoumbou, and Koutougou, pour households are already facing Stress (IPC Phase 2) due to the early exhaustion of food stocks and a deterioration in livestock-for-cereal terms-of-trade. 

  • In other communes in and around Sahel Region (Livelihood Zones 7 and 8), the lean season could start as early as February/March. This will cause households to sell a greater number of livestock than usual in order to purchase food for both human and animal consumption, rather than risk higher than usual livestock deaths due to a lack of forage. 

  • Elsewhere in the country, household food security is normal since food stocks and household income are at typical levels and prices for staple cereals are at or below the five-year average. 


    For more detailed analysis, see the Burkina Faso Food Security Outlook Update for November 2014


Livelihoods Zone Narrative

Livelihood Zone Map