Burkina Faso

Presence Country
September 2014
Key Messages
  • While ongoing early maize and peanut harvests across most of the country are helping to bolster household food access, poor households in northern agropastoral zones are still facing Stressed (IPC Phase 2) levels of acute food insecurity as a result of their low incomes. They will be forced to wait until October for access to the first early cowpea and millet crops.

  • New pasture growth in this northern agropastoral zone has been unusually slow due to the string of long dry spells extending into the first ten days of September. The lean season for pastoral populations, which normally ends in July, continued through August, though conditions are starting to improve.

  • The good progress of the agropastoral season in the rest of the country has contributed to the smooth operation of markets, benefiting local households, with larger than usual trader inventories and staple cereal prices at levels below the five-year average.


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