Burkina Faso

Presence Country
September 2015


Key Messages
  • Household food security has improved since last month with harvests of seasonal products such as sorrel, bean, and baobab leaves, maize, early groundnuts, as well as green millet in certain areas. Subsidized cereal sales are also underway. 

  • Staple food prices, down 3 percent for maize and stable for sorghum and millet compared to the five-year average, are favorable for poor, market-dependent households. 

  • Following the pastoral lean season, regeneration and replenishment of food and water sources for livestock have significantly improved livestock body conditions. 

  • Humanitarian assistance programs in the northern agro-pastoral zone (communes of Nassoumbou, Koutougou, and Tin-Akoff) are continuing despite the ongoing political-military crisis and remain in Stressed (IPC Phase 2!). Unless the security situation deteriorates significantly, no impacts on food security are expected during the outlook period. Minimal (IPC Phase 1) outcomes are anticipated between October and December 2015. FEWS NET will continue to monitor the situation. 

    For more detailed analysis, see the July to December 2015 Food Security Outlook for Burkina Faso


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